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BizBudg Corporate

If you like BizBudg online you can purchase the software and install on your own server.
Access more advanced features and partners available to help install and use BizBudg.

BizBudg Version Comparison
BizBudg Online
BizBudg Corporate
No Software required (hosted) 1
Install on your network/server
Monthly License Fee
Initial Purchase and annual license fee
Profit and Loss Statement
Integrated Balance Sheet
Integrated Cash Flow
Single GL Data Entry
Multiple Entry per GL
Staffing Data Entry (FTE) and On-Costs
Staff Reports
Management Reports
Export All Screens To Excel
Import Budget and Actuals from Excel Template
Capacity for Customised Reports 2
Capacity for Customised Screens 2
Users 1 Unlimited
1 Data and Software is hosted on the BizBudg servers and connection is via the internet
2 Customisation is available only to the BizBudg Corporate Version which resides on the clients server/network

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